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Can businesses see my personal account information?

businesses can see some Your first name and Last name information about you when you interact with their business page on Nuueyu.

We believe using a pseudonym may detract from the credibility of your contributions to the site, but while we encourage Nuueyu members to use their real names, it isn't a requirement.

Nuueyu's Privacy Policy describes what we can and can't do with any personal information you provide us. However, We will naver share your email with any one .

Your email address isn't displayed on your public profile

If you're using an Android device

  1. Tap the Settings application
  2. Tap Location
  3. Tap Google Location Reporting
  4. Tap Location Reporting
  5. Toggle the switch to On
YES ! Please let us know if you stumble upon a business that is trying to boost its reputation by paying people (or offering freebies or discounts) to write positive reviews. You can help us spread the word that paying for positive reviews not only isn’t ethical, but can also be illegal. We work hard to warn consumers about the businesses we catch paying for biased reviews. If you have evidence of a business that is trying to pay for its reputation rather than earning it the hard way, please contact us.
It is against our privacy policy to share a reviewer's Full Name with an owner, manager, or anyone else. Reviewers stay anonymous unless they choose to post their email addresses or contact information in a contribution, such as a review or forum post. If you use a descriptive screen name (e.g. NYCredheadmom) or a friendly name (your first name and initial of last name) as your display name, the business you review may be able to figure out who you are. Business owners or managers may contact you through the Nuueyu private messaging system, which allows Nuueyu members to correspond without sharing their email addresses. Owners may use the messaging system to thank reviewers, ask for further feedback or make legitimate attempts to resolve customer service issues, but owners may not ask reviewers to remove a review via the messaging system, and harassment of reviewers is strictly prohibited. For more information on our Privacy Policy, click here.